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joi, august 28, 2014

Motivational Exercise Nr1 Kato, 7,8Hz, male and female voice

Motivational Exercise, Number 1.

"This is your inner voice.
I breath relaxed. I Inhale relaxed and exhale relaxed. I am relaxed.
My body is relaxed, because I breath relaxed.
My mind is relaxed, because I breath relaxed, and because my body is
I feel good, I feel perfect, because I breath relaxed, my body is
relaxed, and my mind is relaxed.
My body is relaxed and is loading with energy now.
My mind is relaxed, and is loading with energy now .
I feel the energy as it passes through my body and mind.
I feel how I charge with energy now. I feel I am energetic and powerful.

Everything is Spirit, the Universe is Mental.
Because everything has a subtle mental nature, I am mentally influenced and I can influence
everything with my mind, my thinking, subtly.
I can influence everything, that means I can influence my life, my health, my wealth, my attitude, my state of mind.
It's not enough to know and understand these things in order to initiate the changes that I want, because the changes have not occurred by themselves, but only as part of their initiation by my thinking, consciously.
Just as a prayer uttered only once does not have the power to initiate an objective transformation in the physical world, but her daily repetition gives it increased power, so the daily repetition of certain ideas, in the
form of intention to change something, can produce concrete results, over time.
Daily repetition is the key to succes ! Repetition reinforces the transforming power in the direction that I want.
My desires must be repeated daily, even several times during the same day,in order for my mind to focus more often on these force-ideas that will initiate the transformation of my life in the sense that I want.
If I do not have the power to repeat my wishes, daily, several times, where can the tranforming
power of my life come from, if my mind is not capable of this effort of volition ?
Strenght comes from the will and the mind ! The transforming power comes from the emanation
of tranforming patterns from my mind, which I strongly, firmly, undoubtedly want.
The power comes from the image I maintain in my mind every day, as often as possible,
regarding what I want to achieve through the transformation of the reality in my desired sense.
When I repeat my wish, I  must have in mind the image of what I want, as if I have already
obtained it.
As if I now live the moment of obtaining the desired thing, and I manifest it in reality,
continually, repeatedly, until it materializes.
I already obtained what I want, now, in present, the continuous present NOW.
I've got it in my mind, and my mind brings it into manifestation, materializing it, as the universe was manifested through the word, intention, desire, will.
This is the pattern that I have to activate, NOW, in the present, continuous,, continuous strengthening mental energy that will lead to its manifestation in the physical reality, to materialisation.
I can mentally activate anything I want to materialize in my life.
I attract now what I want to live.
Everything depends solely on my will, my firmness, my dedication, my consistency.
Everything is a matter of will and time. The time is NOW.
I have will! I have time! Now I have everything I need.
I repeat and reinforce, now: I have will! I have time! Now I have everything I need. My needs are fulfilled now.
All I have to do is to draw up a written plan of my wishes, to repeat it daily, to update it daily, firm and determined.
The ideas which must appear in my plan are motivational suggestions, motivational statements, autosuggestions.
These force-ideas have the power to manifest desires. So I will watch them and I will design them as such.
Now I will use the following suggestions. I will create mental images related to the
effects mentioned.
I imagine them now, through visual images, as if I already have what I want.
I activate the mental patterns of expression of what I want to achieve.
These patterns exists in mental, AND THEY JUST HAVE TO BE ACTIVATED!
Activate them NOW:
I am relaxed. I breath relaxed. I Inhale relaxed and exhale relaxed.
My body is relaxed, because I breath relaxed.
My mind is relaxed, because I breath relaxed, and because my body is relaxed.
I feel good, I feel perfect, because I breath relaxed, because my body is relaxed, and my mind is relaxed.
I am healthy. My body is in a perfect condition.
My body is relaxed and is loading with energy now.
My mind is relaxed, and is loading with energy now .
I have the energy I need, now, to do everything I want, to get everything I want.
I feel the energy as it passes through my body and mind.
I feel how I charge with energy now. I feel I am energetic and powerful.
I feel that I can do and I can obtain all I want, now.
I am prosperous, now. I attract prosperity like a magnet, now.
I attract riches of the world, now, like a magnet. My mind attracs all
I want, now, like a powerful magnet, irresistible.
My mind is irresistible. Nothing can resist.
Everything I put in my mind is achieving, is materializing.
The transformation is taking place, now.
I am prosperous now. I see pictures of my prosperity now. I am seeing me prosperous, fulfilled, happy.
I am prosperous and happy now. I am. I am prosperity and happiness.
I live in prosperity and happiness now.
I am a magnet that attracts prosperity and happiness, now.
I am in balance and harmony now.
I am the balance and harmony, now, because I am living in balance and harmony, now. I am.
I am everything I want. I fulfill my every desire. I am the one who fulfills.
I am. I am the fulfillment. I am.
I am happy. I love, now. I am love, because I live in love.
Love is in me and I am in a state of love.
I am the one who fulfills. I am the fulfillment. I am fulfilled, through me.
I am ... "


1. the text must be read and listened as if you wrote and said. That's why it is written on the first person, the entire material.

You are saying in your mind the statements, for you. Consider the voice as an inner voice of yours, not something external, alien.
So you will easily be able to accept the statements and the transformation provided by them, as coming from inside, not from outside.

2. The text should be listen on headset, eyes closed. I did posted video because youtube do not allow uploading of audio files, such MP3, only video.
After you have watched the flowing text a few times, don't look more, while you exercise. Keep eyes closed.
You must detach sensorial, visual, focusing only on the voice.
Keep your eyes closed in order to be able to visually imagine what you need to build in your mind when you perform this exercise.
When you hear those first-person spoken suggestions, as your inner voice are speaking, support them with suitable imaginative images, suitable for you.

Let your mind fly, create, during the exercise, but bring calm back when flying too far from the object and the purpose of the motivational exercise.

Male voice :

Female voice :

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